New U.S. Citizenship Test Is Longer and More Difficult

The Trump Administration’s changes to the immigration policies are not stopping yet. In fact, they have just rolled out new changes to the immigration test. Experts have stated that those looking to become full-fledged United States citizens are facing a harder test than ever before, with an introduction of conservative philosophy thrown into the mix.

Legal immigration help Los Angeles has shared that the new immigration went into effect on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. The new test has a total of 20 questions that immigrants must fill out. To pass, they must get 12 out of 20 questions correct. The old test only asked 10 questions and required that 6 of those questions be answered right.

Any Los Angeles citizenship lawyer can reveal that this new test from the Trump Administration involves more complex phrasing of questions. This is thought to be intended to confuse applicants to pick the wrong answers. Any naturalization attorney Los Angeles will advise their clients to carefully read through all the questions multiple times before submitting an answer.

Many questions that were reported as eliminated from the old tests were those that required a one-word answer. This is thought to add more hurdles to immigrants looking to get citizenship. Other questions have somewhat strict answers that any naturalization attorney Los Angeles would rate as difficult for natural-born citizens to answer.

For example, one question asks why the United States entered the Vietnam War. The strict answer to this question is “to stop the spread of Communism’. Any Los Angeles citizenship lawyer can agree that this is not the only reason that the United States entered into the war. However, the citizenship test requires that immigrants answer only with the strict right answer stated above.

It’s now more important than ever before to consider hiring a lawyer for the naturalization process Los Angeles. They can assist you in finding the correct answers to the citizenship test. This holds especially true for poorer immigrants who don’t have access to many online resources to prepare for their citizenship test.

Many public officials have noted that this recent change to the citizenship test is simply to push President Trump’s immigration agenda one last time before he steps out of office. The previous immigration test has been used since way back in 2008. A spokesperson for Immigration Services stated that the citizenship test needed to be updated to ensure assimilation of U.S. values, government, and history.

Legal immigration help Los Angeles has questioned how the President-Elect will handle the change to the citizenship test. Many officials believe that Biden will work to reverse the changes that President Trump has made. However, it’s believed that these changes won’t come into fruition until the early months of 2021.

Hiring a lawyer for the naturalization process Los Angeles is highly recommended. With so many changes in the immigration process and test, it’s hard for one to keep up with what they need to do. Having an experienced lawyer by your side can ensure you reach naturalization with ease.

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