Jeff Sessions Just Reopened Thousands of Deportation Cases That Had Previously Been Closed

Today, as we speak, the Trump administration is maximizing its efforts in the push for deporting unauthorized immigrants. Although the efforts, a problem has arisen, due to many unauthorized immigrants, the government has to wait for the cases to be revised by the courts in order to officially deport them all, which has caused internal problems for the courts. If you or someone you know is currently experiencing a situation regarding a deportation notice and showing up in court, it is advisable to consult with an immigration lawyer Pasadena to dialogue about the options and alternatives you have.

As mentioned previously, in an effort to speed up deportations, the government Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stated his desire to fix court backlog, a term commonly used to describe over accumulation of cases in the court. Regardless of his stated desires, his actions such as reopening deportation cases, 350,000 cases that were formerly closed, portray anything but. This means that if you were one might have had his or her deportation case closed, might now have the deportation case reopened. Contacting our Pasadena immigration attorney can be of extreme significance to avoid going into court without knowledgeable deportation defense.

With Jeff Session mandating immigration judges to speed up the time taken to go through each case, our deportation lawyer advises anyone in this situation to act quick and call our deportation attorney (s) at Alami Law to create an appointment as soon as possible and avoid deportation. In this case, time is not on the side of unauthorized immigrants, and as a result, must get deportation defense quickly, call us now at 888-990-6020 to schedule your next appointment.

Going more into depth regarding the reason for Jeff Session’s mandate to speed each case within the court, it is customary for immigration judges to emit an order of removal for the unauthorized immigrant to be deported. With this said, Jeff Session’s order to speed up things would contradict the due process bureaucratic time frame given for each case. Differently to when the Obama administration was active, the Trump administration has funded ICE, from the Department of Homeland Security, to go after as many ‘unauthorized’ immigrants as possible; meanwhile congesting the Department of Justice. Trump’s administration has really made it an objective to prosecute as many, including those whose cases had been closed but not ruled on, to counter attack Obama’s act of protecting immigrants with clean records.

Due to the aggressive actions from the government, our Pasadena immigration attorney encourages individuals to seek for guidance to avoid any setbacks and unfortunate experiences that may lead to separation of families. Call us now 888-990-6020 to speak with our deportation lawyer about your specific case and the options.

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