Is Shoplifting Moral Turpitude?

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Are you an immigrant who has recently been arrested for shoplifting? You may wonder if your crime is considered to be moral turpitude. The reason for this is that crimes that fall under this heading may result in your deportation. The first thing you need to know is that shoplifting, while in and of itself usually is a minor misdemeanor, definitely does fall under the heading of moral turpitude. If you should happen to suffer a second misdemeanor conviction for shoplifting, this is a major source of concern. A second conviction can easily considered be an aggravated felony, one that can be considered grounds for your immediate deportation. If you are facing prosecution in an immigration court, you may well end up being brought before a judge who has the power to disqualify you from U.S. Citizenship. If this happens, the court will revoke your green card and deportation proceedings will immediately begin. And if you are currently an illegal alien, such a conviction could make you permanently ineligible to ever be admitted into the United States again.

How a Criminal Immigration Attorney Pasadena Can Help You
Being arrested for shoplifting does not automatically bar you from ever becoming a United States citizen. Likewise, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to be immediately deported from the country. Your lawyer can help you fight this charge by presenting your case to the court in the strongest and most positive light. They may be able to exploit the “petty offense exception,” particularly if you have only committed one misdemeanor crime and the maximum sentence is no more than six months.

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Whether you are a legal or illegal immigrant, one thing is clear: you do not want to be convicted of an offense that is classed under the heading of moral turpitude. The legal consequences of such a conviction are considerable. The most severe of them could be your deportation. Your best bet is to contact a criminal immigration attorney to help you learn your options to fight this charge. We will give you the legal aid and counsel you need to get your charges dropped or, at the very least, considerably reduced. Get in touch with an immigration lawyer Pasadena from Alami Law for more information.

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