Is Marrying Someone for a Green Card Illegal?

A green card is a legal document presented from the United States to an immigrant that grants them permanent residency into the nation. This means they can live and work in the country without fear of being deported. Green cards are highly sought after by immigrants who wish to relocate to America for the long-term. There are a couple of different ways to be granted a green card. The most commonly known is marriage.

A green card marriage occurs when a permanent resident of the United States marries an immigrant. This marriage, by law, grants the immigrant legal resident status for the United States. This is much different than simply having a visa. Our visa attorneys Pasadena can help you get the visa you need in order to enter the country legally. Let’s take a look at what a visa is, so that you can better understand the difference between an official visa and an official green card.

A visa is a temporary residence card that allows an immigrant to enter the country. The immigrant is only granted access in and out of the country for a specified period of time. This is most common for instances where immigrants are entering the country for studying, touring, or business. The biggest difference is that a visa is temporary and a green card is permanent.
This brings up the question: is it legal to marry simply for a green card? The reality is that there are a lot of green card marriages that happen each year. In the event that the only reason for the marriage is to simply grant full residency to the immigrant, the marriage is considered fraudulent. In many cases fought by the best immigration lawyers Pasadena, a fraudulent green card marriage sparks from the non-immigrant party receiving compensation for the marriage. This is considered illegal and is punishable by law.

Green card marriages that occur for some reason other than simply granting a green card, like love, are considered to be legal. These type of marriages can be easily defended with our great immigration visa lawyer Pasadena. The permanent resident that marries the immigrant may need to hire a non immigrant visa lawyer in Pasadena. This resident can be a United States born citizen or a permanent resident of the country. By law, any legal resident can apply for a marriage license with a temporary citizen.

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