Immigration Arrests Continue To Drop At Southern Border

Immigration arrests at the Southern border continue to decline. In July, they arrested 2,855 fewer people at the border than in June. A Homeland Security official stated that the reason arrests are down is because the Trump Administration has been hesitant to enforce immigration policies at the border.

Officials also believe that the weather may be the reason that fewer people are being arrested. People are more likely to travel across the border when the weather is mild. It can be dangerous to travel in high heat. In July, 4,357 unaccompanied children were at the border. In June, 5,562 people showed up at the border.

In July, 12,285 families were denied entry in the United States. In June, 12,386 families were turned away. A flood of people attempted to enter the United States during the spring. Fifty thousand people were arrested at the border every month from March to May.

Illegal border crossings dropped to a 40-year low in 2017. This is attributed to Trump’s election. Many people were frustrated with the Trump Administration when thousands of people attempted to enter the country illegally during the spring.

Tony Payan is the director of the Mexico Center at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy. He stated that the number of migrants will increase once the weather improves. He also stated that people are coming to the United States in order to escape harsh economic conditions. Additionally, Tony stated that people will continue to come regardless of the immigration laws.

In April, the Trump Administration stated that there will be a zero tolerance policy for illegal immigration. They stated that all immigrants who enter the country will be prosecuted. As a result of this, thousands of people have been detained. Many parents have also been separated from their children.

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