Immigration and Deportation

The United States is historically known to be a nation of immigrants where people come from many countries in search of the American dream. Generally, it is viewed as a place where life can be happy and peaceful. The current immigration climate has drastically altered that view and the need for legal assistance related to immigration, which has increased tremendously. At this time, immigrants must be aware of their rights and should always have an attorney’s contact information on hand in the event that a situation requiring legal representation arises.

Change in Immigration
As the laws regarding immigration are tightened, foreign nationals who may be unsure of their legal status should retain a deportation lawyer. Given that government agencies are swiftly willing to deport anyone who may not have a current legal status to remain in the United States, it is important to be aware of immigration deportation and how it may apply to you. Prior to this current immigration climate, judges had more authority and could rule in favor of a person who faced deportation. Presently, that power has been greatly limited and recent developments will make it difficult to have a positive outcome in a deportation case.

In addition to increased deportations, most immigration rules have become much more strict, putting more people at risk of facing penalties. As more families are being separated, the need for legal representation has risen and it is imperative that immigrants take the necessary steps to ensure that they are protected.

Seeking Legal Help
Immigration attorneys are vital in the fight against deportation. While some may feel that they can handle these issues on their own, it’s important to note that an attorney will work in the best interest of their client. Immigration lawyers are well-informed about immigration policies as they are ever-changing and require constant watch by those practicing immigration law. At Alami Law, deportation defense is a top priority and the legal team will do all it can to stop a deportation. If you’re looking for an immigration lawyer Pasadena trusts, contact Alami Law for a consultation. As immigration laws are constantly changing, it is best to stay prepared with a lawyer who will fight for you.

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