ICE Is Shut Out Of Local Jails By County Officials

As the Trump Administration continues its aggressive policy of immigration enforcement, activists are taking an unusual approach as well. Rather than focusing their efforts on the national level, they are concentrating on local jails in an attempt to have government officials end their contracts with ICE. By doing so, activists hope to eliminate many facilities where immigrants are detained, which could ultimately change the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy.

While to some people this strategy sounds like it has little chances of success, many localities have sided with the activists. From California locations such as Sacramento County and the city of Santa Ana to Williamson County, Texas and even larger cities such as Atlanta, executive orders have been signed ordering local jails to stop accepting immigration detainees from ICE.

However, due to the enormous amount of money counties take in each month, some legislators are reluctant to end these contracts, and wonder how the localities will make up for the lost funding. As an example, three counties in New Jersey: Hudson, Essex, and Bergen, receive nearly $6 million per month from ICE contracts.

But as the immigrant detainee population has risen dramatically in jails over the past year or more, detainees are telling stories of alleged abuse they suffer while in captivity, which include sexual assault, poor medical care, eating spoiled food, and a lack of legal representation. In these situations, it’s crucial to contact a deportation lawyer if at all possible to have these situations documented for a potential lawsuit.

Unfortunately, when many detainees are removed from jails, their chances of having an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles who can help them mount a strong deportation defense greatly decreases, since they are no longer able to have easy access to attorneys. Because of this, many activists believe this is in fact a key part of ICE strategy, since limiting legal resources makes it far easier to isolate and ultimately deport immigrants.

Due to the seriousness and potentially life-changing consequences that can result from being detained in these situations, it’s crucial to obtain experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel as quickly as possible. Therefore, when individuals in these situations need an Immigration lawyer Pasadena residents turn to the immigration law firm of Alami Law. By doing so, they know they will have attorneys who care about their case, and will fight hard to protect their legal rights in every step of the way.

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