ICE Expelled 33 Immigrant Children Back To Guatemala After A Judge Said They Couldn’t

On Wednesday, November 25, 2020, U.S. Judge Emmet Sullivan issued a preliminary injunction. This injection was to stop the deportation of immigrant children who came to the United States without a parent. Unfortunately, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had a flight that left with 33 immigrant children headed towards Guatemala just minutes before the preliminary injunction was issued.

Any immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can tell you how the Trump Administration has been heavily relying on Title 42 to deport illegal immigrants. They’ve been citing the coronavirus pandemic as a public health risk. Many undocumented immigrants have found themselves in Guatemala.

According to officials at ICE, their flight crew did not learn of the preliminary injunction until after they had landed. It was stated that the children were already being greeted by the Guatemalan authorities when the ICE flight crew learned about the court order. The children were left in Guatemalan custody.

The law offices of immigration Los Angeles have revealed that ICE may be ordered to return the 33 children. The basis for this theory is that ICE technically violated a court order. Right now, the public is waiting to see what happens. Many public officials believe that the many recent issues that the Trump Administration has had over ICE-related issues will play a big role in bringing these children back to U.S. soil.

Any immigration lawyer in Los Angeles will tell you that ICE will be hesitant to return the 33 children to the United States. They will likely fight their side of the case by stating that the task of tracking down all the children will be costly and insurmountable. In addition, the threat of spreading the coronavirus will be considered a public safety concern.

It recently came to light that the Department of Homeland Security has deported over 13,000 immigrant children since the start of the pandemic in March. According to legal immigration help Los Angeles, immigrant children were previously sent to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). At this location, children would be housed as they attempted to apply for asylum to be reunited with their family located in the United States.

According to law offices of immigration Los Angeles, children who are unaccompanied are being turned back at the border. Those that have already entered U.S. soil are being held in detention facilities until there is a flight that can take them out of the country. This new practice has started since the CDC’s coronavirus order.

It has been revealed by ICE that 4 of the 33 children who were on the flight had tested positive for COVID-19. This further supports its use of the Title 42 Provision. However, legal immigration help Los Angeles has shared that the Trump Administration has suffered some blows to their use of the Title 42 Provision.

In June 2020, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols stopped the deportation of a child. This 16-year old child from Honduras was saved from deportation. However, the District Judge did not state that the Trump Administration was violating any policies. There is still a lot of grey-area regarding the deportation of illegal immigrant children.

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