How to Avoid Deportation

If you have come into the United States illegally, deportation may be one of your biggest concerns. While working with a deportation immigration attorney will certainly help you improve your situation, there are a few things you should also do to help yourself. These tips can help you stay in the country as you work to get your status straightened out.

Prove a Decade of Residency
Even with the help of a immigration lawyer Pasadena, you may be able to stop the deportation process by establishing your residency. This requires showing the court that you have been in the United States for 10 years without leaving for any significant amount of time. The difficult part may be in proving your time here. If you can provide a decade’s worth of rent receipts or pay stubs, that may be enough to help you.

Avoid Illegal Activity
While you should avoid any interactions with law enforcement, committing crimes can be especially hazardous in triggering the deportation process. Even crimes like soliciting prostitution or using illegal drugs can endanger your status. Obviously, you will want to avoid felonies, such as assault, rape, robbery, and murder, since committing these crimes almost always result in deportation or prison.

Build a Good Reputation
While staying out of trouble is important, you can help yourself more by exhibiting an honorable character. This means acting responsibly in public and showing your community that you’re a worthwhile individual. It goes without saying that helping others come into the country illegally can negatively impact your own status.

Establish Your Family Responsibilities
You can also help your deportation attorney advocate for your situation by showing that you have loved ones depending on you. If you have children or elderly parents who rely on your income to survive, this can help you avoid deportation. By showing that you have maintained this responsibility over a long period and that you’re dedicated to your family, you can convince the courts that you take your obligations seriously. This also shows that you maintain a constant source of income, which means you won’t be a burden on society.

Immigration laws are continuously changing, which is why it’s important to hire a deportation lawyer Pasadena. A legal advocate can help you with your situation as you attempt to become a legal citizen. In the meantime, following the tips outlined here can help you and your family avoid legal troubles. If you can show you’re a responsible individual, who contributes to society in a meaningful way, you’ll be more likely to earn your citizenship.

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