How Soon Can You Switch Jobs After Receiving A Green Card

A significant number of immigrants receive sponsorships for a green card after receiving a job opportunity from a company based in the US. Such a green card is processed through their employer. This is a smart move, especially to a person whose wish has always been working in the US. But what happens after receiving another job offer bearing in mind your green card was processed through your employer? This is the point where you need legal immigration help Los Angeles. Is the green card tied to your current employer? This is one of the questions that will be lingering in your mind. Some green cards are attached to the current employer to the point that you can’t seek further employment. However, some cases are different. If you find yourself in such a situation, consult an employment immigration attorney Los Angeles.

What to Do When You Want Job Adjustment
An immigrant whose green card is entirely based on employment status can take long before being recognized as a US lawful permanent resident. However, a law known as the American Competitiveness in The Twenty-First Century Act of 2000 (AC21) allows such as person to apply for employment adjustment. Work visas attorneys Los Angeles have vast experience in processing such requests. It is a complex process that you might find daunting when you decide to do it by yourself. Such an application allows you to receive another employment offer with a similar job description. Note, you can only seek the same job position with a different employer if the duties are related.

The US citizenship and immigration service will evaluate whether the job is related in terms of skills, education and training, salary, certification, licenses required for the job and department of labor occupation codes. An employment visa lawyer Los Angeles recommends checking for a matching job title in approved sites. However, identifying matching job titles is not the end of the process. You need legal immigration help Los Angeles to check what the job involves. Before applying for job flexibility under AC21, consult an employment immigration attorney Los Angeles to determine whether you meet the required criteria. 

Some of the common questions work visas attorneys Los Angeles will ask you, is whether you promised to work for your current employer for a certain number of years. This applies even when you want to terminate your employment altogether. Nevertheless, an early departure will raise some questions. It is not reasonable to seek for job adjustments weeks after receiving a green card. The USCIS will approve your I-485 application in less than 180 days. However, even if you fill your I- 485 application weeks after getting a green card and you prove that your intention in the first place was working for your sponsoring employer, your wishes will be granted.

If your application is approved within 180 days, you are not tied to seek a new employment opportunity. Nonetheless, an Employment visa lawyer Los Angeles said that the USCIS is vigilant to identify any foul play by people who want to switch employment weeks after receiving their green card. To make an informed decision, liaise with an immigration attorney.

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