How Long Must I Be Married to a U.S. Citizen to Get U.S. Citizenship?

Marrying a citizen of the United States qualifies one to receive a green card. In turn, possessing a green card for a few years permits one to become a citizen of the United States through naturalization. The process of naturalization may, however, last months to years. Contact our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles for legal assistance.

Your spouse, who is your sponsor, needs to make a visa application on your behalf by filing Form I-130 and submitting it to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. You do not need to wait for the approval of this form. You can also be within the country to apply for an adjustment of status if you are a legal resident.

To apply for adjustment of status, you need Form I-485. This is used to apply for a green card. You can then mail these two forms to the USCIS together. If you depend on a B visa for residency, you may need a B visa lawyer in Los Angeles or a Los Angeles visa lawyer for non-immigrants to walk you through this process. A US tourist visa lawyer Los Angeles can assist you during this process if you entered the country on a tourist visa.

If you do not reside in the US, the green card application process can only begin after the approval of Form I-130. Applicants living abroad will first need to get a US entry visa before they can apply for a green card. Visa attorneys Los Angeles will come in handy in this situation.

If you are an illegal resident, you do not qualify for the adjustment of status. Your request will first need to be processed by the consulate. Therefore, you should seek legal immigration to help Los Angeles to help you through this process.

USCIS prohibits individuals from applying for an adjustment of status within the first three months of staying in the country. Any applications made during this period will be rejected.

Months after the application has been made, the two of you will attend an interview. If this interview is successful, you will be approved for conditional resident status. This residency lasts for two years. Permanent residence will only be granted if your marriage will have lasted for at least two years by the day of the interview.

90 days before the end of your conditional residency, you will need to make a joint application with your spouse to request for permanent residence. Some months will pass before USCIS can approve this request.

You can subsequently apply to become a citizen through naturalization if three years have elapsed since you received a green card. To qualify for this, you and your spouse must have been married for at least three years since the issuing of the green card. The two of you must also have lived together for the same period. You will not receive citizenship if these conditions are unmet, even if you have had a green card for three years.

There are complications in the process of applying for citizenship. You need legal immigration help Los Angeles throughout this process. Visa attorneys Los Angeles have all the necessary experience to do this. You may also seek legal immigration help Los Angeles, a B visa lawyer in Los Angeles, a Los Angeles visa lawyer for non-immigrants, or a US tourist visa lawyer Los Angeles.

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