How do I Know if I Need a Work Permit?

As an immigrant, it can be difficult to understand the United States laws regarding working in the country. A skilled employment attorney Pasadena can help you to discover if you need a work permit in order to enter the country. It pays to seek assistance from a knowledgeable expert so that you don’t have to deal with any unexpected legal problems when you attempt to work.

Who Needs a Work Permit?
The basic assumption is that any immigrant who wants to work within the United States border must apply for a work permit. An employment immigration lawyer can help you to get a US work permit approved. There are a select few reasons that will make getting a work permit unnecessary. These include:

  • Immigrants who have a valid green card: If you currently hold a valid green card, then it’s implied that you can freely work at any place of your choice.
  • Immigrants with a work-based visa: Your visa stands as a pass for letting you work at the location that is specified on your existing visa.
  • Who Is Eligible To Apply For a Work Permit?

Most immigrants are eligible for a work permit as long as they have legitimate rationales behind applying. For example, if you’ve recently applied for a green card and are waiting on approval, you can apply for a work permit so you can have an income. Or, if you’re a student who has a visa, you can apply for a work permit so you can earn an income to support yourself. These are both legitimate, rational reasons why you would need to work within the United States borders.

Should I Use A Employment Immigration Attorney To Get My Work Permit?
While it’s not legally required for you to hire an immigration lawyer Pasadena to assist you in getting a work permit, it’s definitely a good idea. Realize that these lawyers are skilled and experienced in the process of obtaining US work permits. For this reason, you should really consider hiring them to help you.

They will take care of filling out the necessary forms and submitting them to the right department. They know what past legitimate, rational reasons have worked for clients to get approved for work permits. They can take a look at your individual scenario and suggest the best reason for applying for a work permit that will give you the highest chance of getting the permit approved.

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