Home Health Care Assistance for the Elderly at Risk Under New Proposed Immigration Rule

On September 22 the Department of Homeland Security issued a proposed rule detailing legislation that has the potential to negatively impact the ability of the elderly to obtain in-home health care services as a result of tightening restrictions on immigration. According to Forbes, one fourth of home health care aides are immigrants who provide a much needed supplement to an industry with an already declining availability of workers, low wages, and high turnover rates. The new rules being proposed would tighten restrictions, limiting the availability of visas and green cards to immigrants who are deemed likely to rely on public assistance services such as SNAP Food Benefits and Medicaid.
This could potentially reduce the availability of skilled in-home care workers and drive up prices for families in need of assisted living services as the pool of available providers shrinks. Because wages for home health care workers are so low and industry workers are largely dependent on public assistance programs, these new rules would mean that many of those immigrants who would replenish the workforce of assisted living services would likely be denied entrance into the United States.

The decline of an incoming labor force driving up prices for the healthcare services of our aging population exemplifies the ways in which tightening restrictions on immigration has far-reaching consequences for our society. There are resources available to those who are at risk of being negatively impacted by this proposed rule, however. Anyone who may be at risk of being denied entrance or of deportation is encouraged to seek the assistance of a deportation defense attorney, but those at risk of losing in-home care also have options.

On Monday, a 60 day period for public comment will commence during which time those who are at risk of losing in-home medical services can speak to the ways this legislation would affect their lives. Additionally, those who fear they may be affected by these tightening immigration standards are encouraged to seek the legal assistance of a deportation lawyer. The Alami Law firm is available to provide deportation defense services for those seeking an immigration lawyer Pasadena can depend on and/or an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. A dependable attorney can be the deciding factor in an immigration case, and the implications of tightening restrictions have far reaching consequences in our society as a whole.

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