Higher Chance of Deportation If You Don’t Have a Lawyer

The immigration laws in the United States are always changing. Laws that were once commonplace and readily accepted in courts can suddenly be replaced or altered significantly, leaving you vulnerable to being deported at a moment’s notice.

When you want to avoid being sent back to your home country, it is imperative that you hire an experienced deportation immigration attorney to represent you. By having an attorney on retainer, you better your chances of beating a deportation order and being allowed to remain perhaps indefinitely in the country.

Reasons to Hire a Deportation Lawyer

You never know when the immigration laws are going to chance in the United States. You can make every attempt to abide by the ones that were in place when you came into the country, only to find out that they have changed or been replaced by entirely new mandates.

In fact, statistics show that 97 percent of immigrants who are held in deportation facilities without access to legal counsel often go on to be deported back to their home countries. Further, only 40 percent of the immigrants in this country have attorneys on retainer. The remaining 60 percent find themselves vulnerable of being arrested and detained with the possibility of being deported.

Likewise, the new immigration laws being enacted today can put you at risk of being arrested and placed in a detainment facility for weeks or months on end. While you are in the facility, it is possible that you will not be told anything about why you have been arrested, when you will see a judge or what the outcome of your case could be.

When you hire a deportation immigration attorney to represent you, you gain faster and better access to the legal system. Your attorney can advocate for you and find out what the status is on your immigration case. You also can make use of legal resources that can get your deportation order canceled and your visa extended.

If you are arrested and placed in a detainment facility, it is also imperative that you let authorities know that you have a deportation attorney on retainer and that you want to speak to him or her right away. Your lawyer can be instrumental in getting you out of the facility and on your way home in a matter of hours. Your attorney can also file emergency injunctions to your deportation order and get documents presented to the court to get your green card extended or renewed.

By hiring a deportation lawyer Los Angeles immigrants like you could improve your chances of remaining in the United States. You can have the new laws explained to you fully and also get access to legal help if you are placed in a detainment facility.

Additionally, when you retain an immigration lawyer Los Angeles green card holders like you can get your visas extended or renewed if needed. Your lawyer may also help you start the process of becoming a naturalized citizen, thereby safeguarding your immigrant status in the U.S. and saving you from being deported.

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