Government Tries to Reuniting Immigrant Children with “Eligible Parents”

Yesterday, July 26, 2018, is the date that was set and mutually agreed upon by the Trump administration and court to unite all immigrant families and parents, who were “eligible” or “available”, separated from their children in the southern border. If you or someone you know is currently being affected by the Trump administration’s actions through separation of families, please don’t hesitate and contact our highly knowledgeable deportation defense team comprised of the best Pasadena immigration attorney in Los Angeles, Amira Al-Alami.

From a total of 2500 children under custody, by the end of Thursday, there was a total of 711 kids who remained in custody due to their parents being ineligible, unavailable or pinned as “red flag” due to the fact that these parents have been charged with committing a crime and as a result have failed a background check. It is yet to be said and learned what exactly the Trump administration and court have in mind for the remaining kids. Experts highly recommend that any parents or guardians of children under custody, consult with a family immigration lawyer to avoid any sort of major setbacks and mistakes that professionals, on the other hand, would not make.

Along with the children whose future is still unclear, there are many charities and third party organizations that are willing and trying to assist children through toys or donations. There are multiple ways to help and bring awareness to this current problem. Just as in most legal situations, it is advisable to not act instinctively and uncivilized. Our immigration lawyer Pasadena highly trusts, recommends for anyone to consult with a professional to avoid any mistake said or done to any immigration agent, that may setback anyone’s process. Contact us now so that we can set up your appointment and help you or someone you may know reunite with their loved ones.

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