Google Vows to Pay For 500 DACA Applications in Call For Immigration Reform

Once illegally ousted by the Trump Administration, DACA is back in full swing. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has garnered a lot of attention over the last couple of years. Now, Google is making its viewpoint clear regarding the DACA program by offering to pay for 500 applications.

Legal immigration help Los Angeles has revealed that the Google Organization will be donating $250,000 to the United We Dream organization. This organization works on behalf of immigrant youth to allow them to stay in the country. Each application costs $495, and Google’s generous donation will allow up to 500 immigrants to apply at no charge for the DACA program.

Any immigration visa lawyer Los Angeles will reveal that many Silicon Valley companies have long been a fan of immigration reform. It’s thought that these companies are in strong support of immigrants because a large portion of their operations relies on international talent. If there become more restrictions on immigration and work visas, Google, along with many other Fortune 500 companies, will face a shortage of skilled labor.

Back in June of 2020, President Trump released an executive order that put a temporary freeze on work visas. A employment visa lawyer in Los Angeles saw a stark influx in clients wondering whether or not they would be deported under the new regulations. The executive order was mainly targeting those trying to obtain H1-B visas that are very popular in the tech industry.

Any T visa lawyer Los Angeles can tell you that Google faced a lot of backlash last year. This is because they reportedly licensed their cloud software to Customs and Border Protection. Google supported their decision regarding the license by stating that the software was not being utilized to enforce immigration at the southern border of the country.

That wasn’t the first time Google took a hit on its public persona. Back in 2019, the company hired Miles Taylor, a former Homeland Security official. Any VAWA visa lawyer in Los Angeles knows that Taylor was a large part of the Trump Administration’s policies that targeted immigrants. The specific policy that upset the public was one that separated families at the American-Mexican border. Taylor was also known to publicly defend a policy that stopped seven countries with mostly Muslim majorities from entering the U.S. borders.

After the public outcry, Taylor was reported to have taken a leave from Google in late August. This was to support the candidate Joe Biden on his presidential campaign, according to legal immigration help Los Angeles. However, any good immigration visa lawyer Los Angeles will tell you that he never went back. A spokeswoman for Google eventually confirmed that Taylor permanently left the company.

Any employment visa lawyer in Los Angeles will be happy that Google is putting their money where their mouth is. Any VAWA visa lawyer in Los Angeles can confirm that the $495 application fee is a large financial problem for the majority of their applicants. With such a large contribution from Google, any T visa lawyer Los Angeles can work with their low-income clients to apply for the DACA program.

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