Free Naturalization Preparation Resources

Individuals who want to begin the process of naturalization to become a citizen of the United States often find it stressful. All applicants must prove they are eligible. They will also be required to pass a naturalization test. It will require them to answer some civics questions as well as demonstrate their proficiency with reading and writing English.

Once it has been determined that a person is eligible, the next question is if they can pass the naturalization test. It is common for it to take up to 90 days from the filing date of the application for them to be interviewed. If someone is not prepared, they must start getting ready as soon as possible. A Pasadena citizenship lawyer can help their clients file all necessary paperwork. They will inform their clients of the free online resources available to help them with the interview, exam and more.

Sample Interview Video
It is common for individuals to be nervous about the interview. The reason is many have no idea what to expect. There are videos provided online by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). A Pasadena naturalization attorney can help their clients understand what is necessary to know for the interview.

There are some helpful tools at the USCIS website designed to assist individuals to prepare for the civics test. You can download flashcard apps on your phone or iPad. It provides booklets as well as interactive practice exercises that can be ordered.

Practice Test
The USCIS provides some good online practice tests. These tests make it possible for individuals to answer questions and track their scores. Those who pass this test won’t have any problems with their interview. A naturalization lawyer Pasadena can help arrange the test for their client.

Mobile Apps
Many people spend a significant amount of time on their phone. People who want to become US citizens can download a free naturalization app. It is designed to help these people test themselves whenever they desire. It only requires searching the app store to discover what free versions are available.

Millions of people have become naturalized U.S. citizens during the past decade. An immigration lawyer Pasadena can help these individuals during the entire naturalization experience. Using free resources to prepare for the test and interview can be a big part of it.

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