Does Marrying an American Citizen Guarantee Citizenship?

Section 319(a) of the US Immigration and Nationality Act allows for naturalization in three ways. One of them is if, at the time of the application, the person is in a marital union with a spouse who is a US citizen. Now, this provision is never an outright ticket for citizenship to the non-US citizen spouse. The applicant, with the help of a Los Angeles citizenship lawyer must fulfill several other processes before becoming a US citizen. Let’s explore below: –

Understanding the Naturalization Process
Naturalization is the legal means by which a non-citizen acquires citizenship or nationality of a country. It can occur automatically. That is when an existing statute makes it automatic for an individual to gain citizenship if they meet the set conditions. Alternatively, one may have to make a formal application and go through the legal process of becoming a US citizen. Working with a naturalization attorney Los Angeles can give you further understanding of the process as you prepare to become a US citizen.

A non-US citizen spouse can become eligible for US citizenship by hiring a lawyer for the naturalization process Los Angeles to assist him get the US green card. This provision is possible since the non-citizen now qualifies as an immediate relative to the US spouse. Hence the usual numerical limits set each year no longer apply to this person. Also, there is no need to be on a waiting list.

The Green Card Application Process
To get the US green card, the US spouse has to send a visa petition on behalf of the non-citizen partner. Alongside the request is a marriage certificate showing that the two are legally married, and the union is bona fide. This step seals any loopholes for shams who want to abuse the provision to get a green card.

Next, is the legal immigrant who is also a spouse to a US citizen living in the US? Then, he goes through an adjustment of status. Here, the applicant submits the paperwork and attends the interviews without exiting the country or waiting for approval of the Form I-130 first.

Still, for a non-US spouse that is currently overseas, they must wait for directions from their local US consulate via their immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. Plus, it may take a while before the I-130 approval comes through. Eventually, the applicant will attend an interview at the embassy, leading to the endorsement of the immigrant visa. It is this immigrant visa that now allows the applicant to enter and become a permanent US resident.

What about illegal immigrants married to US citizens? Here the non-US spouse must liaise with an immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. The immigrant may have to exit the country and use a provisional waiver he gets through the Los Angeles citizenship lawyer to process the US green card from the embassy. The temporary reservation ensures that the application remains admissible despite the previous unlawful stay in the US.

What Next?
Unlike other persons, a spouse to the US- citizen can apply and secure US citizenship through naturalization within three years of getting the US green card. Here, the applicant has to submit the Form N-400 to the USCIS via his naturalization attorney Los Angeles. Further, the applicant must attend an interview and take tests that gauge his English proficiency and general civics knowledge.

The Verdict
Marrying a US citizen is not a guarantee for citizenship. However, upon acquiring a US green card, a non-citizen spouse will take a shorter time to obtain citizenship via the naturalization process. Then, consider hiring a lawyer for the naturalization process Los Angeles.

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