Deportations Are Making the Coronavirus Crisis Worse

The world we live in has changed over the first few months of 2020 as the spread of Coronavirus has made it difficult for all of us to live the lives we are used to. One aspect of the life we live in the work of each deportation lawyer Los Angeles residents rely on. The Nation reports there has been no slowing of the ICE raids, deportations, and holding of individuals and families despite the spread of the virus. ICE itself reports it has been working with other federal agencies to make sure it is doing its best to halt the spread of COVID-19 around the nation and the world.

Despite the press releases coming from ICE, the reality seems to be completely different from troubling reports making their way to almost every deportation defense attorney Los Angeles. Among the stories told to immigration attorneys Pasadena is those regarding the lack of access to hygienic facilities for those being held in detention centers. At a time when the American Immigration Lawyers Association reports video conferences are the number one way of remaining in contact with clients, many detainees are being told to wash their hands with shampoo when hand soap is not available.

The Coronavirus crisis has not changed the way ICE is acting towards detainees and deportations with every removal proceedings immigration lawyer Los Angeles as busy as ever. ICE is reported to have continued deportation flights as the spread of COVID-19 continues across the world. Authorities in Guatemala told CNN that many of those who are being deported via “ICE Air” are infected with COVID-19 and being moved to nations with few cases. A single flight to Guatemala is reported to have contained 44 cases of COVID-19.

France 24 also reported in a case that has shocked every deportation lawyer in Los Angeles as the 12 randomly selected people on a flight tested positive for Coronavirus in Guatemala. There is now a push to make sure every case is treated in the same way by ICE officials with almost all immigration attorneys Pasadena calling for the release of detainees from detention centers. The chance for all detainees to move out of the unsanitary conditions of detention centers is of grave importance for each deportation defense attorney Los Angeles.

By holding families and individuals in overcrowded, often dirty facilities, the spread of COVID-19 is thought to be rampant. The situation has become so difficult that almost every removal proceedings immigration lawyer Los Angeles is no longer willing to enter camps to hold meetings with their clients. Instead, video conferences are the new normal with ICE continuing to deport individuals despite less than 40 percent of those in detention reported to have a criminal record of any kind. Despite the international ban on flights because of COVID-19, the Trump Administration has asked for an additional $249 million in funding for the agency to push forward with deportation flights. Even as Guatemala and other Central American nations close their air space, ICE is looking for new ways of moving forward with deportations.

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