Can I Change My Name When I Apply for the U.S. Citizenship?

Can I Change My Name When I Apply for U.S. Citizenship?
Compared to other countries, the US has the highest number of immigrants. Currently, more than 40 million people who live in the United States are from other countries. Many of these immigrants change their names upon becoming naturalized US citizens for various reasons. Some of which may include marriage, divorce or adoption.

By filling form N-400, which is the main form for naturalization, you are provided with the option of changing your name. However, the name changing process is conducted through USCIS offices, whereby a judge administers the swearing-in ceremony.

Naturalization is the process of applying for US citizenship after having your green card for a particular time. In order to do things right, consider hiring a lawyer for the naturalization process Los Angeles.

That being said below are some facts that should remain etched in your mind in regards to changing your name.

The Oath Ceremony
Understanding the legal proceedings is critical, which is why you should seek advice from a Los Angeles citizenship lawyer. Once your citizenship is approved, you will be required to take an oath of allegiance to the U.S. in a court of law. As stated initially, the judge has the power to allow or decline your name-change request since they will be presiding over your swearing-in ceremony to become an American citizen. If approved, your new name will be featured on your naturalization documents.

Using your naturalization certificate, you will be able to change your name on every other legal document that you possess such as your credit cards, driver’s license, or social security card. When changing your name on your other documents, it’s advisable to communicate with the agency directly. However, your naturalization attorney Los Angeles will guide you further, which is also why you should have legal immigration help Los Angeles.

Circumstances that May Hinder you from Changing your Name Successfully
There are specific scenarios that may restrict you from changing your name, for instance, if you are changing your name in order to avoid debts, or if the name is offensive. Do not choose a name that belongs to a prominent person such as “Donald Trump” or “Barack Obama”. Additionally, you can’t change your name if it is considered threatening, like “Kill Tom”, or confusing such as, “Airbus Car”. Your naturalization attorney Los Angeles should be able to assist you through all the pros and cons of changing your name.

Why you should Get Legal Immigration help Los Angeles
Rather than going through the legal proceedings yourself, seek professional assistance from a naturalization Lawyer, who will guide you through all the rules and regulations. When hiring a lawyer for the naturalization process Los Angeles, only go for one who’s helped many through this process and succeeded. A competent Los Angeles citizenship lawyer should be able to provide adequate support throughout the application.

Are you planning to apply for US citizenship and would like to change your official name? Contact us today, and we’ll assign our best naturalization attorney in Los Angeles to guide you through the process. Call our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles today!

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