6 Ways to Protect Yourself from an Immigration Scam

Getting your immigration status resolved is a difficult process. Unfortunately, it is often made even harder by dishonest people who try to take advantage of you and steal your money. You must be careful with whom you deal, and to be safe, you need to work with a real immigration lawyer in Los Angeles. There are lots of scammers who will prey on your vulnerability, make you pay, and not help you at all.

Beware of Threatening “Immigration” Officials Asking for Money
Real United States Immigration officers will not call you and demand payment to process your green card application form or your US immigration form. They also will not show up at your house to collect money or send emails to request payments.

Never Pay Cash or Wire Money to Strangers
Customs and Immigration or ICE do not take cash money and anyone demanding “cash only” is a scammer. Legitimate government officials and immigration lawyers will allow you to pay any required fees by check or credit card.

Track All Payments and Documents
Another reason to avoid cash is that you won’t have any proof of payment. It is very important to keep copies and proper records of all papers and official government documents.

Don’t Pay for Free Forms
Any required US immigration form can be found at no charge on the real immigration website. You can always do a search and check for the verified official site such as a .gov site.

Get Help
If you have been threatened or fallen for one of these scams, don’t be embarrassed. Contact Alami Law, the immigration lawyer in Los Angeles for assistance. These scammers count on you being afraid of police to get away with stealing your hard earned money. Don’t let them win.

If Things Feel Wrong -Trust Your Instincts
Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Make sure you are dealing with legitimate officers. It is okay to call the agency and confirm that you are dealing with a genuine officer. Too, it is important to be careful when surfing government websites, and to be sure of its legitimacy. Better yet, call the legal team at Alami Law, immigration lawyer Pasadena to help you with your immigration issues.

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