400 migrants arrive at the Tijuana border seeking asylum

Last week it was reported that large family based immigration from Central America arrived to the US-Mexico border, to city of Tijuana, in hopes of acquiring asylum from the United States. While doing so, it was noted that the port of entry capacity had filled to a maximum and that the rest of the individuals lacking documentation must standby elsewhere until capacity was cleared for more processing. For individuals seeking asylum or refuge, we highly recommend to immediately contact our immigration attorney in Los Angeles at 888-990-6020 to initiate and assist with the process.

It was also noted that in the arrival to the border itself, members of American non-profit organizations visibly demonstrated their support to the group of immigrants on the Mexican side of the border who shouted statements such as, “We are immigrants. We are not criminals,” and “We are the hope of Latin America,” while mounting and grabbing onto the metal fence near the shore. The American non-profit organizations also did their part by warmly welcoming them and creating a sense of togetherness disregarding the fence that separated them.

Similarly to the beliefs our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles lives by, the immigration lawyers volunteering in the border highly recommend that the families presenting themselves to the US border officials consult with a professional lawyer such as our immigration lawyer in Los Angeles at Alami Law to present a “well-articulated asylum claim” to increase the chances of being considered for asylum by the immigration officials. It is important to do so because ignoring this step, of consulting with a lawyer, can and will surely cause negative effects such as, denied asylum or refugee status, forcing you and your loved ones to be separated or sent back to your country of origin.

Due to all of this, and to avoid unpleasant experiences, we highly encourage you or someone you may know who is in this situation, to call now to 888-990-6020 and get your questions/doubts answered by our highly professional and knowledgeable immigration attorney in Los Angeles. Get the help you need now!

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