4 Ways to Avoid Deportation

Deportation is a big issue in the United States that affects many families and individuals. Families come to have a better life for themselves and their children. Without the right documentations, they can be sent back to their home countries. If you are currently an immigrant in the U.S. here are four (4) ways to avoid deportation:

1) The first one is that an immigrant must be living in the US for ten (10) years. That means they can’t be in and out of the country in that period.

2) The second one is that he or she avoid criminal activity at all cost. If they get into any kind of trouble, they can easily get sent back to his or her country.

3) The third one is that he or she must be a good citizen. Hiring a good deportation attorney is very important to proceed and can help you with any immigration questions or concerns you may have. Our deportation lawyer would make sure that the immigrant’s paperwork is in order, so they don’t get deported. Some immigrants have visas, so they can work in the US and go to school.

4) The fourth and last one is he or she must prove that they have obligations to their families. These people should be able to prove to the judge that they have wives and kids to care for. If he or she gets deported, the family won’t have anyone else to lean on. If the family is completely dependent on the person getting deported, it would make it easier to prevent it from happening.

Having a good deportation defense is important to keep some of these federal agents (ex. ICE) from detaining people. Deportation defense, also known as removal defense, would mean you would have to face a judge and have an immigration attorney represent your case.

Some people would apply for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to stay in the country. Getting deported would mean serious life changes for some people since they have already adapted to a U.S. life or may have been so young they don’t remember their home countries as much. No family should be separated for any reason.