20 Frequently Asked Questions about Living or Retiring Overseas After Naturalization

The best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can help with your citizenship concerns. If you are wondering about retiring overseas, our Los Angeles citizenship lawyer can be essential. We can also answer your most frequently asked questions about the topic.

If I move overseas, can I ever return to the United States?
As an American citizen, you can still return to the US even if you retire and become a legal resident of another country. You don’t have to worry as you can come and go as often as you like.

Can I lose my US citizenship while living overseas?
As any good naturalization attorney Los Angeles has to offer would tell you, you simply cannot lose your US citizenship. Even if you are living in another country, your residency has absolutely no effect on your citizenship. You can only lose citizenship to the US if you renounce it.

Do I need a passport to retire overseas?
As any immigration lawyer in Los Angeles or elsewhere would all you, you need a passport to travel anywhere outside of the US. This stands true regardless of how long you plan to stay anywhere.

Do I need any vaccinations?
Certain countries require people to get vaccinations before they are allowed to enter. However, some areas where people typically go to retire can choose to be vaccinated even though it’s not mandatory. Overall, you can check on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s official website where vaccinations are advised.

Can I drink the water?
Whether or not the water is safe at your new retirement destination depends on the location. Some countries have good tap water, but it might taste weird in some places due to all the chemicals used to treat it. Then, there are other countries where the water is not safe for drinking. The safest thing you can do no matter where you’re moving is to get bottled water for drinking.

Is it really safe?
Before you go about hiring a lawyer for the naturalization process Los Angeles based, you may wonder if the country you have in mind is really safe. Although nowhere is ever 100 percent safe, many countries are fairly safe. At the same time, you should use your common sense and be safe no matter where you live. Always lock the doors of your home and car and avoid wearing overly expensive, flashy jewelry in public.

Are there bugs or snakes?
Insects like cockroaches, spiders and mosquitoes are everywhere. Some jungle and rural areas have snakes as well. You can familiarize yourself with what to expect in the country of your choice before you move.

Are there earthquakes or hurricanes?
These natural disasters are common in many countries. Educate yourself with the most common in the country of your choice before moving.

Can I continue receiving Social Security payments?
You can keep getting your Social Security payments after moving overseas. The top immigration lawyer in Los Angeles will even tell you that you can get the money via direct deposit.

Will Medicare cover me overseas?
You cannot receive Medicare while overseas, which means you’ll have to make other plans for your medical expenses. Health insurance and medical care is far cheaper in most countries.

Will my electronics work in another country?
Your Los Angeles citizenship lawyer is pleased to tell you that your laptop will work the same way anywhere thanks to AC adapters having the right currents for 110V and 220V systems. Your cell phone should work if it’s unlocked and compatible with the carrier in the country in question. As for your DVD player, you may have to buy a new one as players are usually programmed to play DVDs based on zone.

Can I drive using my US driver’s license?
Typically, you can use your driver’s license for 30 days as a new resident of a different country. Afterward, you must get a local license or have your existing one locally validated.

Do I need to learn the local language?
You don’t need to learn the native language of your new country of residence. Most people also speak English.

Is there Burger King?
Most fast food places are all over the globe. You can find common US fast food joints in many other countries.

Can I get a job?
As any reputable naturalization attorney Los Angeles has would tell you, it’s only possible to get a job overseas with a work visa. You will also have to be sponsored by an employer in that country and be relocated with their help. It’s possible to start your own business overseas, which might be an easier option.

Will my US credit and debit cards work?
You can use your US credit and debit cards overseas, but it’s wise to research about fees you can expect before you use them. You might find it’s better to switch to a different card at your new country of residence.

How can family and friends stay in touch with me?
It’s possible to connect with family and friends via the Internet: email, texts, chats, phone calls and video calls all make it possible.

How much does it cost to move overseas?
It depends on the situation, where you want to move and the kind of lifestyle you expect in your new destination.

What are my options if I don’t qualify for health insurance?
Most countries provide you a new health insurance policy up until the age of 63 that cost under $100 per month. There may be some exceptions for preexisting conditions. If you don’t qualify for insurance, however, you can go without it. Outside of the US, medical costs are affordable, so not having insurance isn’t bad.

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