10 Perks of U.S. Citizenship

NEW YORK, NY : SEPTEMBER 16, 2016: Immigrants from different countries take the oath of American citizenship in the Great Hall of Ellis Island on September 16, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Mohammed Elshamy/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Through permanent residency status, the government allows you to continuously renew the green card every 10 years.

Nevertheless, turning into a citizen with the help of an immigration lawyer Pasadena and Los Angeles trusts, can provide you with a numerous amount of benefits that permanent residents aren’t eligible for. The following are just 10 of many reasons as to why becoming a citizen might be the perfect choice!

The Benefits You Will Obtaining as a Citizen are:

Privilege to vote.
Law abiding permanent residents are subjected to the US laws, taxes and other political measures, but as opposed to citizens, do not have the privilege to vote and change the future in any sort of political level, such as: federal, state or local voting campaigns.

Postulate yourself for office.
Yes, you heard right! With the help of a naturalization attorney to obtain citizenship, you can become the next political figure that represents a state or local county/city.

Federal employment/benefits eligibility
With the help and guidance of an immigration attorney in Los Angeles, the incredible benefits and perks of working in the governmental sector have now become a reality. It is important to be wary of certain guidelines, regarding total amount of time of being a citizen, that exist for specific governmental careers.

The right to remain abroad for longer than 6 months without penalty.
US Citizens have the right to remain in the country of their preference for as long as they desire, without any penalty, different to permanent resident green card holders. Permanent residents risk not being allowed back into the US if their stay abroad lasts for more than six months.

Cannot be deported.
A common misperception that most permanent residents have is that they cannot be deported. This is false. Permanent residents can be and will be deported if they aren’t lawful, a minor offense can be more than enough to be deported. Call our naturalization lawyer to further assist and guide you today!

The ability to sponsor family members for permanent residency.
One of the most important perks of being a citizen is this. Once a citizen, you can help your mother, father, brothers, sisters and spouse obtain their green cards. Moreover, any children that you have custody to and are below 18 years of age, will automatically obtain citizenship as well.

Benefit from laws regarding tax.
One clear example of a benefit that comes with naturalization is evading certain taxes that permanent residents and any other legally permitted individual in the US must pay to the US government. One example of this is, the free exchange of real property between a married couple, that are of course US Citizens.

Be eligible for grants.
As a citizen, you have the right to apply for governmental grants. So, if completing your tertiary education was on your to-do list, with the help of an immigration attorney in Los Angeles you can obtain citizenship and reach your dreams.

Be a US passport holder.
Similar to the rest of the benefits on the list, becoming a passport holder of the US is only for US citizens. As a US passport holder, you’ll be completely assisted by American consulates and embassies around the world.

You can now maintain your previous citizenships.
Previously, there was a law that made it mandatory for the newly naturalized to renounce to their other citizenships. Meaning that, American citizens could only be citizens of the United States and not of their birthplace or any other country. Thanks to the Supreme Court, the laws regarding the opposition to dual citizenship were removed and can now permit one to be a citizen of the best country in the world, as well as a citizen to as many other countries as you will.

For further information, guidance or help becoming a citizen of the United States of America, please contact an immigration lawyer Pasadena truly trusts to become a citizen. Our naturalization attorney will be waiting to assist you in the best way when you call us at 888-990-6020 or email us to info@alamilaw.com.

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