02 Dec

Permanent Workers

Each year, the U.S. government makes available 140,000 immigrant visas to individuals wanting to enter the United States based on their job skills. These visas, specified for aliens and their spouses and children, allow those... read more
29 Oct

How Long Does an Immigration Appeal Take?

There are different types of appeals handled by the Immigration Appeal Division. This includes removal, residency appeals, sponsorship appeals, as well as any order appeals regarding permanent residents, Canadian citizens and more. An immigration appeal... read more
16 Oct

Is Shoplifting Moral Turpitude?

Contact a Criminal and Immigration Lawyer Are you an immigrant who has recently been arrested for shoplifting? You may wonder if your crime is considered to be moral turpitude. The reason for this is that... read more
09 Oct

Deportation Without a Hearing

It is possible for an immigration officer to determine whether or not a person should be removed from the United States. However, many immigrants will want the opportunity to tell their story in front of... read more