“I heard Attorney Amira Al-Alami on the radio, and I realized that she doesn’t merely speak for the sake of speaking. Attorney Amira is true to her word and she showed me that when she took my son’s DACA case on a probono basis. My son has been paraplegic since birth and my life revolves around taking care of him. Ms. Al-Alami and her staff showed us great empathy when she attended to us. Because of Attorney Amira, my son now has his work permit through the deferred action program. Despite the fact that we were missing a great deal of documentation, she was able to work with what we had and got the job done. Attorney Amira has a very big heart and I would recommend her to anyone with my eyes closed. I cannot describe the amount of joy that my son feels now. On behalf of my son, Miguel Angel Gonzalez and myself, I thank you wholeheartedly. May God always bless you!”

Miguel Gonzalez

Miguel Gonzalez - Father of Miguel Angel Gonzalez

Family Based Immigration