JUERGUEN D“My firm, Optimist, Inc., hired you a few months ago to help us navigate through the process of obtaining an H-1B visa for one of our key staff members. Optimist is a lifestyle-marketing agency based in Los Angeles, CA. Its work is designed to touch people in ways that excite and engage via urban culture, entertainment, sports, music, gaming, fashion, travel, live and social media experiences.

As you are aware, this very same application had been previously denied by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service when we had been represented by another attorney in Los Angeles. Desperate for help, we handed this case to you hoping for a positive result.

I am happy to say that you successfully rebuilt our case and were very attentive to our questions and needs at any given time. It was our experience that you are very easy to work with, and highly efficient in your job. Optimist had a great experience all around with your law firm”.

Juergen Dold

Juergen Dold - CEO/Cultivator, Optimist, Inc.

Employment Based Immigration