JOSE PELAYO“Dear Attorney Amira, with this brief note, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for representing me legally in obtaining lawful permanent residence for my wife and I. As you are aware, my wife obtained her residency quickly, but my case was much more complicated because of the exclusion order that I had pending against me. Other attorneys whom I know did not give me any hope for my case. Even though they are well known attorneys who appear on television, they refused to take my case on. When I had my first consultation with you, I loved that you saw me personally and explained how you were going to handle my case. You gave me a chance of fighting and winning my case! I thank you with my entire heart for your determination, your professionalism, and I will be eternally thankful to you for being a sincere attorney who was firm in applying the law.”

Jose Pelayo


Family Based Immigration