Gabriel ChajonThrough this letter, I Gabriel Chajón, want to thank attorney, Amira Al-Alami, for taking on our case and for helping us fix our documents in order to become lawful permanent residents.

When my wife told me that we were going to be able to fix our immigration status, I couldn’t believe it. Previously we had gone to other attorneys.who told us that we had to wait for our petition’s priority date to be current. I thank God and the attorney, who was at an immigration forum we attended, that we were ready to apply for our residency. She said that the priority date did not matter because our case was based on the country where I was born, Guatemala, not Mexico where my wife is from. She explained the processing of the paperwork and applications that we were going to send and in less than 6 months, I had my residency.

Thank God I can travel to see my family. Everything that the attorney told us would happen, happened step by step. She did not lie to us and the process was so fast we couldn’t believe it. God bless you, always, attorney Amira.”

Gabriel Chajon

Gabriel Chajon - Permanent Resident of The United States of America

Family Based Immigration