I want to thank the lawyer Amira Al-Alami for the special interest she showed in our migration case. Thanks to your tenacity and dedication, you could obtain my permanent residence in the USA. She has got so much experience that from the first time I met her, I knew that my migration process was in the best hands. She explained to me in details which were going to be the strategies to follow to get my residence.

I had hard times during my process but Amira was always by my side supporting, giving me hope and the security to keep on going and not giving up. She told me to trust her, that everything was going to be ok, and it did. Everything got cleared up in less time that I thought, and thanks to her experience and determination I didn’t had to assist the immigration interview.

My residence card was delivered over mail without any trouble, that’s why I highly recommend Amira Al-Alami for any migratory process, believe me, she is the best lawyer.

Lawyer, please never chance and remain like this, with the professionalism, kindness and honesty that characterize you. Many thanks, God bless you.

Carlos Galvez

Carlos Galvez - Permanent Resident of The United States of America

Adjustment of Status