Alma Rodriguez CoronaI am very grateful with the lawyer Amira Al-Alami for giving me the opportunity of pursuing my American dream. I feel really blessed for founding such a professional in my way. Even after consulting several lawyers previously, and not giving me any hope about my legal status, she gave me the security I needed and told me she would represent me. In fact, she stud up for her word y fought very hard for me until the end despite all the trouble I gave her along the way. I thank her form the bottom of my heart for being patient and believing in me.

She was more than a lawyer, she treated me like family; there are no lawyers like her. My case was special for the following reason. One day I was travelling to Texas with a friend of mine, migration officers stopped to inspect me and realize that I had no documentation for being at the USA and placed me in deportation procedures. Amira moved my audience to L.A. and gave me hope that she could get my residency through my mother, which by then was just a permanent resident. My mom is handicapped, she has polio and heart diseases, there for, depends on my mother for her daily activities.

Amira helped my mother with her naturalization process in able to ask for my residency and required me to change my life completely. I began my criminology studies, work at the same time and volunteer for pro-bono organizations. It was a 2 year long journey in which she always fought at the immigration court, and asked more and more of me every day; she wanted always a 100%!

I will remain thankful all my life for getting my permanent residence at the immigration court and be able to stay with my family, continue my studies and having a better job.

Alma Rodríguez Corona

Alma Rodríguez Corona - Permanent Resident of The United States of America

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