ALICIA SILVA“After speaking with a number of attorneys and not being given any hope concerning fixing my immigration status, I had honestly lost all hope. I had consulted with the ‘best immigration attorneys’ in Los Angeles, and these people never shared any positive answers with me. All I ever heard was, there’s nothing to do. You have to wait.

After seeing Attorney Amira Al-Alami on television, I decided to give it one last shot and contact her. I felt so welcomed from the moment that I set foot in her office! Office Manager, Rosario Camacho, was very kind and attentive with me. That, in and of itself, made me feel that this office was trustworthy.

When I spoke with Attorney Amira and I told her about my case, I was left in shock! She looked at me and said, ‘I can help you, and I’m thrilled to be giving you good news!’ I didn’t know whether to cry or scream from the happiness I felt inside! From that moment on, I trusted Attorney Amira with closed eyes and put all of faith in her and her staff. I knew I was in great hands because they are such a positive team who made me feel as if they are also walking in my shoes.

I am eternally thankful to God for having placed them in my path! Everything went so quickly that I was truly in disbelief. What I had waited for years to accomplish was resolved in 3 months.

I congratulate Amira and her team for being so humane, humble, kind, dedicated, and for the enormous amount of love and passion they put into their cases.

I would also like to thank Amira’s associate attorney, Lorena Espinoza, for her fantastic representation of me on the day of my greencard interview. Things did not start well that day due to the horrible treatment that we received from the interviewing USCIS officer; in fact, it turned into a war. Nevertheless, Lorena was never deterred from her mission…getting me my greencard!

Today, I am a lawful permanent resident of the United States because of the resilience and efforts of the Law Office of Amira Al-Alami! If you are looking for one on one interaction with an attorney who charges reasonable fees and always keeps you informed of the progress in your case, Amira Al-Alami is the attorney for you. These women are truly ANGELS OF JUSTICE!

Amira, I will always carry you, Lorena and Rosario in my heart! A thousand thanks for all of your help!”

Alicia Silva

Alicia Silva

Family Based Immigration